47678: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Protect 15 and Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Connection Verification Tool

    Last update: 27-08-2021

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    The tool does not work for accounts with 2-factor authentication enabled; please temporary disable 2FA.

    Acronis Cloud Connection Verification Tool helps you verify connection to Acronis Datacenters. It is designed as a bundle to replace the following tools:

    • nslookup
    • telnet
    • ping

    Current version of Connection Verification Tool does not support proxy servers or accounts with 2FA. We plan to add this functionality in future versions. If there is a proxy server in the network, test connection to Acronis servers using telnet: required IP addresses and ports can be found in Acronis Cyber Cloud: access ports and hostnames.


    Linux 64bit

    Linux 32bit


    Currently there is no dedicated Connection Verification Tool for macOS.

    Connection to Acronis datacenters can be checked using netcat utility:

    • Open Terminal 
    • Run the following command:

      nc -zv <server> <port> 

      where <server> is the server name/IP address and <port> is the port to check, e.g. nc -zv us-cloud.acronis.com 443

    Check all relevant IP addresses and ports described in Acronis Cyber Cloud: access ports and hostnames

    More information

    If partner admin account is used instead of account from the customer group, operation will fail with the following error:

    : Error 0x640003: An unexpected error has occurred. HTTP response code: 400.
    | line info: 0xe71b9a1528b1baab
    | $module: msp_port_checker_vs_s_48909