4765: Mounting an Acronis True Image Home Image Fails after Upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7

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Last update: 23-10-2009

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  1. You have Acronis True Image Home installed on Windows Vista;
  2. You create an image backup using Acronis True Image Home;
  3. You upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7;
  4. After upgrading you select the image to mount, but the following message interrupts the operation:

  5. You click OK and pass through all steps of the Mount wizard. You click Proceed in the Summary window and start the mount task. The Mount operation ends with an error:


As a result of upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7, Acronis drivers are overridden by Windows drivers.


This will repair the installation and you will be able to successfully mount an image.

More information

The issue is only with upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7.