47481: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Creating Deployment Task

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By using a deployment task, you can perform deployment in either of these ways:

  • Deployment to a specified list of machines. Acronis Snap Deploy 5 will use the Wake-on-LAN functionality to wake up the machines that are turned off and thus are not ready for deployment.
  • Deployment as soon as a specified number of any machines become ready for deployment. You (or users in your organization) will need to make the machines ready.
  • Or you can run any deployment task manually from the Deployment tasks view.

Do the following to create a deployment task:

  1. Start the Acronis Management Console and click Deploy image:

  2. Select the target machines:

  3. Make sure the machine will be booted into Acronis Snap Deploy 5 Agent at the time of deployment:

  4. You can select an existing deployment template or create a new one:

    See also Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Creating Deployment Template.

  5. Set when to run the deployment task:

  6. Set the deployment start condition:

  7. Review the summary and click Create:



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