47445: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Creating Master Image (Online)

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Last update: 04-06-2020

Make sure you have Acronis Snap Deploy Management Agent installed on the remote machine whose master image you are going to take. See Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Remote Installation;

  1. Start Acronis Snap Deploy Management Console and connect to the machine with the Acronis Snap Deploy Management Agent:

  2. Click Create image:

  3. Click A master image:

  4. The product will prompt you with the name and credentials of the machine you are currently connected to:

  5. Select the disk you are going to image:

  6. Select where to save the master image:

    If you want to save the image on network share and the location does not appear in the device tree, specify the location by IP address.

  7. Review the imaging options and/or change them if necessary:

    You can find more information about deployment options in product documentation: see Options of Imaging

  8. Review the operation summary and click Create.