47415: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Remote Installation

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Last update: 05-04-2021

For information on how to prepare machines for remote installation of the components see Acronis Snap Deploy: Preparing Machines for Remote Installation.

If you have Acronis Snap Deploy 4 components installed on the machines, you can install Acronis Snap Deploy 5 components over them.

Do the following to install Acronis Snap Deploy remotely:

  1. Once you have the machines prepared, start the product and click Tools -> Install components remotely:

  2. Select From the registered components:

  3. Select the component you want to install remotely:

    If you are installing Acronis OS Deploy Server, you will need provide an address of Acronis License Server that has at least one deployment license assigned:

  4. Put in the name or IP Address of the machine where you would like to install the component.

    (!) If you are installing over Acronis Snap Deploy 4, you will need to reboot the machine. So, you may want to check the box: Restart the machine automatically when required.

  5. Review the installation summary and click Install: