47409: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Installation

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Last update: 02-04-2021

With the typical installation, the following components will be installed:

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 5 OS Deploy Server - requires having at least one license. The license, however, will only be taken (used) on deployment;
  • Acronis Snap Deploy 5 Management Console
  • Acronis PXE Server
  • Acronis Snap Deploy 5 License Server

You can also review the complete list of components in Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Components.

  1. Run the installation file and select Install Acronis Snap Deploy 5:

  2. Select Typical:

  3. Since typical installation includes Acronis OS Deploy Server, you will need to add at least one license key at this point:

    The license, however, will only be taken (used) on deployment.

  4. Select the installation folder and click Next:

  5. Check if want to participate in Acronis Customer Experience Program:

  6. Review the installation summary and click Install:

    No machine reboot is required to complete the installation.