47337: Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud: Collecting Logs

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Last update: 07-04-2016

When contacting Acronis Support with a technical issue, it is recommended to have logs at hand

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud


Collected logs let Acronis Support Engineers have a better insight into the issue you may be experiencing. Please collect the logs from the machine in question, only this way all necessary logs will be collected.


To collect logs by using the web interface:

  1. Log in to the service.
  2. Click Help -> Collect logs.
  3. If prompted by your web browser, specify where to save the file.

If you cannot log in to the service because of a web server problem, you can collect logs by using a script.

To collect logs by using a script:

  1. Log in as a root user to the machine with Agent for vCloud. The default credentials are:
    User name: root
    Password: Default0 (case-sensitive)
  2. Run the following command to start the log collection tool:
  3. Specify the user name and password of a vCloud Director system administrator.
  4. Specify where to save the file.
  5. After the file is saved, copy it from the agent machine to an appropriate location by using, for example, the sftp tool.

More information

With the reports collected, please contact Acronis Support.