47253: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Agent Reboots Instead of Shutting Down on Windows 8 after Successful Deployment

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Last update: 17-01-2019


  1. You create a deployment task with the default option "Shut down" enabled for an Agent on Windows 8;
  2. After you perform a successful deployment, the Agent reboots instead of shutting down.


This is an irregular known issue.


As a workaround, please shut down the Agent machine manually (or through Remote Desktop).

This issue only reproduces with Acronis Bootable media that is based on a Linux kernel. Instead, you can use WinPE-based bootable media as pre-boot environment in Acronis Snap Deploy - WinPE is not affected by the issue. You can upload WinPE images to Acronis PXE Server via Upload PE Image to PXE button.