47222: Acronis True Image on Mac: Boot Camp support

Last update: 20-08-2020


If you have Boot Camp installed on your hard drive to use Windows in addition to MacOS, you can back up and recover the entire disk, including Boot Camp. Bootability of both operating systems will be kept.

You need to back up the hard drive where Boot Camp is installed by using Entire Mac or My Disks backup source. The backup will contain all the data stored on the drive, including the Boot Camp partition.

If you use third-party drivers to write to the NTFS file system, stable operation of such drivers is not guaranteed when a backup is in progress.

If you use Parallels Desktop software to run Windows from Boot Camp, you need to shut down the corresponding Windows virtual machine before taking the backup with Acronis. Otherwise the backup may fail or will include Boot Camp in an inconsistent, unbootable state. The reason is that Parallels Desktop does not support snapshotting of Windows running from Boot Camp: http://kb.parallels.com/en/112941


Although it is not possible to backup just the Boot Camp disk volume, it is possible to mark only Boot Camp for restoration.

When performing a recovery from an Entire Mac or a Disk backup, Boot Camp will also be restored.


If you clone a disk with Boot Camp, Boot Camp will be cloned along with other disk contents and bootability will be kept.

See Acronis True Image: How to clone a disk on Mac

Incompatibility with Windows (PC) version of Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image PC version is not compatible with Bootcamp partition. Use Acronis True Image Mac version to backup your entire Mac including the Bootcamp partition.