47211: Acronis True Image for Mac: Acronis System Report

    Acronis System Report is a bash script that collects diagnostic information about Acronis True Image for Mac and the Mac OS.

    For Acronis True Image 2018 and 2019 see this article for instructions

    Information Acronis System Report collects

    Acronis System Report collects the following information:

    • Mac OS version;
    • Machine type (iMac, MacBook etc);
    • System boot log;
    • Information on the free/used space on the mounted partitions;
    • List of the active processes;
    • List of the attached disks;
    • Acronis True Image for Mac logs;
    • Information on the scheduled tasks;
    • Configuration directory of Acronis True Image for Mac;
    • system.log
    • Dumps.

    If you are running the Acronis System Report from Acronis Bootable Media, the Acronis System Report folder with the collected information will be created in the same directory where you started the script.

    If you are running the script under Mac OS, the Acronis System Report folder will be created on the desktop.

    Collecting report in running operating system

    Download system_report.command.zip

    1. Open the Downloads folder

    2. Press and hold the Ctrl (Control) key on the keyboard, click the downloaded file, release the Ctrl (Control) key and select Open from the menu.

    3. Confirm the action if asked:

    4. Type in your Mac user password to allow the system report script to run and press Return key on the keyboard

    5. Wait a minute till the system report is created and saved to the Desktop

    Finder will automatically open the folder with the System Report when the report is collected.

    Collecting report in bootable media

    To be able to run the Acronis System Report script when booted from Acronis Media, copy the script to a disk with backups, USB flash drive or some other disk. Do not keep the script on a shared folder or Acronis Bootable Media.To run the Acronis System Report script from Acronis Bootable Media, mount the disk with the script.

    Then do the following to run the script:

    1. Start Mac OS terminal.
    2. Go to the directory with the script (e.g. cd /Volumes/attached_media_with_script/directory_with_script/). If you do not know the name of your media, type cd /Volumes/ and hit the Tab key twice, all directories will be listed.
    3. Start the script: ./AcronisSystemReport.command
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