47159: Acronis Backup: How to Delete Backups

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Set up automated deletion of backups or delete them manually using Acronis management console or Command line. Do not delete backups using Windows Explorer.

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  • Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery)


Backups are stored in sets called archives. When you start a backup plan for the first time, an archive is created in your destination vault (backup location), all backups created by the backup plan will be saved to this archive.

An archive consists of .tib-files (backups) and metadata (information about backups which the software uses to manage backups, e.g. showing them in the Management console etc.). If you need to free up space in your backup location or data stored in backups is no longer needed, you can delete older backups or archives.

If a backup you want to delete has dependencies, it will be consolidated or marked for deletion until all dependent backups become subject to deletion. Backups in tape-based vaults will be marked for deletion. Tape will be rewritten when all backups on the tape are marked for deletion.


(!) Do not delete backups manually from the file system (e.g. using Windows Explorer). This will leave the metadata outdated causing possible backup/cleanup failures. 

There are two recommended ways to delete backups:


If archive cleanup in an unmanaged/personal vault fails with "Failed to find the backup":

  1. Look in the error message, is should indicate the missing backup.
  2. If you check the vault (e.g. by browsing it in Windows explorer), you'll see this backup is not present. This means the backup was deleted manually from the storage, but metadata was not updated.
  3. Open Acronis management console and navigate to the vault.
  4. Click on the Refresh button. This should update the metadata of the archive and solve the problem.
  5. Please contact Acronis Customer Central, if the issue still persists.

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