47141: Acronis Software: Allowing Acronis Products Through Firewalls

    Last update: 14-06-2018

    Setting up network for Acronis products.


    Operation within Acronis product fails with errors similar to "Failed to establish connection".


    Possible cause for such problems is that Acronis ports are blocked by Firewall on the backup agent or on any network gateway/router that exists between the backup agent and the destination to connect (e.g. Acronis Cloud Storage).

    Firewall is a software that controls traffic flow. Firewalls can be installed on the computer itself or on any network router that is used. In order for Acronis to function correctly Firewall has to allow Acronis executables, Acronis ports, Acronis hostnames.


    Verifying connection

    To verify that the issue is in firewall, you can use Telnet or Acronis Cloud Verification tool.

    Scenario 1
    You have Acronis Backup Advanced and there are connection problems from Machine A to your Acronis Storage Node on Machine B the telnet command would be:
    telnet <IP_of_Storage_Node_machine> 9876

    Please see this article on more details about Telnet usage.

    Scenario 2
    Backup to Acronis Cloud fails with a connection error.
    For verifying connection to Acronis Cloud Storage please use Acronis Cloud Verification tool.


    • Make sure Acronis executables are allowed through firewall or antivirus software.
    • Make sure Acronis ports are allowed through firewall or antivirus software.
    • Make sure Acronis hosts are allowed through firewall or antivirus software (if you are using Acronis Cloud Storage)

    Adding Acronis executables to the Allowed list

    For instructions for popular firewall and antivirus software see: 

    Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Third-Party Firewall Software
    Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software

    For a list of Acronis executables see:
    Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Windows Services and Processes
    Acronis True Image 2016: Processes and Services
    Acronis Snap Deploy: Processes and Services
    Acronis vmProtect: Processes and Services

    Adding Acronis ports and hosts to the Allowed list

    If you have a strict policy in your firewall to allow only specific traffic and deny all other traffic you need to add connection to our hosts on specific ports to the Allowed list. In order to get IP addresses from a host you can use nslookup command:
    nslookup <Hostname>
    Where <Hostname> is the name of the machine you need to find the IP address of.

    For a list of Acronis ports and hosts see:
    Firewall Settings for Acronis Products
    Acronis Online Backup Access Ports and Hostnames

    If the tools still show that the host is not reachable on specific port, then you might have specific rules set on your router to disallow our hosts or ports. You should check the rules on the router/gateway and follow the steps above. If everything is good on the router the ports might be blocked by your Internet Service Provider. In this case please contact your Internet Service Provider to open ports.