47137: Commonly Overlooked MassTransit Upgrade Steps

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Last update: 25-02-2022

An upgrade checkbox for MassTransit

NOTE: MassTransit requires that upgrades take place under the same account as that which was used for the original installation. If you use a different account, the installation will be treated as a new install rather than an upgrade and as a result, you will have a failed upgrade. You can verify if it was your account by checking the Programs and Features on the system. If MassTransit is not listed then it was not your account. Additional upgrade steps are required if the account is not known. If you are facing this issue and need the steps please contact us at: https://support.acronis.com/mobility/

1. Before upgrading you need to check your MassTransit Server\license.txt file to see if it contains the following line "product_mode = Production".  If it does not, please send a copy of your current license.txt file to ordersch@acronis.com and request an updated one.

2. Check the MassTransit Services prior to upgrading, if they are running as something other than local system – make a note of this account (you will need to know the password) after the upgrade you will need to re-add this account since when the services are recreated by the installer they will be reset to Local System.

3. Make sure you add the IUSR (IUSR_COMPUTERNAME if on Windows 2003) modify permissions back to the MassTransit Server\MTWeb\parsed and MassTransit Server\MTWeb\templates_c folders. If you have had to do #1 then most likely you are also running your site under the user from #1, but you can verify this by checking the website’s Authentication —> Anonymous Authentication user in IIS.

4. If you are using the pre-configured php.ini file we provide, and you have previously changed the "upload_tmp_dir =" setting to be something other than blank or commented out, you will need to edit that. Leaving it blank or commented out will result in your php temp files being created in your Windows temp directory and unless you have given the IUSR permissions to that location those files will not be cleaned up until the server is restarted. Changing that value to C:\php\tmp will allow PHP to clean the files automatically. You can verify the setting by checking in your existing C:\php\php.ini file.

5. The MassTransit Server\MTWeb\mtweb.ini file settings are not ported over, you will need to update the mtweb.ini file. DO NOT simply drop your old mtweb.ini file in the new MTWeb folder. Some changes may have been made to the settings in this file and using the newest version ensures proper operation:

       a. Open the mtweb.ini file in a text editor. By default, the file is located in the MassTransit Server 7\MTWeb directory.
       b. Open the mtweb.ini file that you backed up from your old installation in a text editor. Renaming this file to oldmtweb.ini will make comparing these two files easier.
       c. For each enabled setting in your oldmtweb.ini file, uncomment the same setting and set the value appropriately in the new mtweb.ini file. Settings with a ';' preceding them are not enabled. 

6. Empty the contents of the MassTransit Server\MTWeb\parsed and MassTransit Server\MTWeb\templates_c folders. You may delete the Readme files as well despite the fact that they say do not delete. They are placeholder files for our installer and are not necessary for the safe operation of MassTransit after installation.

7. When upgrading PHP, create a new C:\PHP directory, apply the Network Service account Read, Execute and List permissions and then create the C:\PHP\tmp directory and apply the IUSR Full Control permissions to TMP. Then you may extract the PHP files into C:\PHP — if you extract the PHP files into C:\PHP prior to applying the Network Service account permissions this has been know to cause problems and has in some cases required reinstallation.

8. After upgrading PHP, go through the IIS settings to make sure they are all still intact:

9. If after upgrading you encounter missing text on the MTWeb portal, in most cases it is caused by a missing setting in the default configuration in the Internet Information Services role. We have this in our knowledge base article at:

 59575: MassTransit: Missing text on the MTWeb portal after upgrading to MassTransit

This article applies to MassTransit versions 7.7.1 and later.

Note: Windows Server 2012 will experience this issue, but Windows Server 2012 R2 and newer will not.