47029: Acronis Disk Director 12: Key Features

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Last update: 01-04-2016

With Acronis Disk Director 12 you can:

  • Create basic and dynamic volumes;
  • Add, remove, or break mirrored volumes;
  • Copy or move a volume of one type as a volume of another type (e.g. copy the contents of of a mirrored volume to a spanned volume);
  • Convert primary volumes to logical and vice versa
  • Convert basic disks to dynamic and vice versa
  • Convert GPT disks to MBR and vice versa
  • Import foreign disks: Make dynamic disks added from a different machine accessible for the system
  • Change a disk status: online to offline and vice versa
  • Clone disks;
  • Resize, move, copy, split and merge volumes without data loss
  • Format and label volumes, assign volume letters, and set volumes active
  • Initialize newly added hard disks
  • Delete volumes
  • Change file systems
  • Clean up disks
  • Hide/unhide volumes
  • Specify i-node density
  • Change a cluster size
  • Explore volume data, even on Linux volumes before performing operations
  • Browse through the detailed information about all hard disks, volumes and file systems
  • Recover accidentally lost or deleted volumes on basic MBR disks
  • Boot your crashed or bare-metal machine from Acronis Bootable Media
  • Restore boot records, repair files and folder structure, find lost clusters, remove computer virus code from a disk and much more using Acronis Disk Editor