47008: Acronis Backup Advanced: License Server Unavailable or Scheduled Licence Check Failed

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Operating Systems: 

    Troubleshooting and resolving license server issues


    You run the backup (or it is being started automatically), the backup fails with error similar to: “Failed to check license – License server unavailable). Or you try to manage license from Acronis Management server – the error similar to “Failed to establish connection – License server unavailable” appears.


    1. Software malfunctioning
    2. Connection error


    Please connect directly to the machine where Acronis License server is installed. In most cases it will be installed along with Acronis Management server.

    Make sure the License Server is accessible locally: if the Management Server and Management Console are installed on the same system as the License server, start the Console and connect to the Management Server on the local machine. Try go to “Tools”, then “Manage licenses” and select “localhost” as the machine.

    If the Console or Management Server is not installed on the machine, go to “C:\Program Files\Acronis\LicenseServer” folder and start License Server console. Once started, try to connect to the server located on “localhost”.

    If the License Server is not accessible locally, please go to “Software malfunctioning” section.

    If the License server is available and can be managed locally proceed to the "Connection error" section.

    Software malfunctioning.

    Please go to Windows Control panel and start “Program and Features”. Check if “Acronis License Server” is listed under installed software.

    Start Acronis Backup installation file and choose “Install Acronis Backup” option.

    If the Acronis License Server is NOT listed in “Program and Features”: choose “Modify” and make sure that the License Server is marked for installation in the next Window. Proceed with installation and reboot the machine at the end.

    If the Acronis License Server IS listed in “Program and Features”: choose “Repair”. Proceed with repair and reboot the machine at the end. Please note that if you run installation of the new version (for example, if you have downloaded a newer version from the Acronis web site) “Repair” option is not available. You may run “Update” instead, but be advised, that it is recommended to update all components of the centralized management.

    If installation or repair does not help to resolve the issue, please collect Acronis system report and contact Acronis Customer Central.

    Connection error.

    If you made sure that local connection to the License server is successful, the issue should be in the connection.

    First of all make sure there is a secure connection between Agent and License server. On the Agent machine open the Management console (if installed) and connect to the License server (Tools -> Manage licenses) or test telnet connection on port 9876 to the License server machine using telnet. On the License server machine open the Management console (if installed) and connect to the Agent machine (Connect -> Connect to a remote machine) or test telnet connection on port 9876 to the Agent machine.

    If connection could be established, please start Registry editor (Start -> Run -> regedit.exe) and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis\MMS\Configuration\License

    Check if LicenseServerAddress is the one the License Server is actually installed. Try to change it to IP instead of domain name, to see if name resolution is the problem.

    Export the key for the further investigation.

    If these steps did not help to resolve the issue, please get PCAP (Wireshark) utility, start it on the Agent machine and reproduce the issue.

    Collect Acronis system report from Agent machine and from machine where License Server is installed.

    With exported registry key, Wireshark log and System report contact Acronis Customer Central.

    More information

    For more information on License Server functionality visit Web Help.