46997: Acronis Snap Deploy: Troubleshooting Deployment Issues

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    Last update: 04-02-2022

    This article is about troubleshooting different deployment failures for Acronis Snap Deploy

    This article applies to:

    • Acronis Snap Deploy 6
    • Acronis Snap Deploy 5
    • Acronis Snap Deploy 4


    This article will help you troubleshoot deployment failures in Acronis Snap Deploy. In general, deployment problems are related to network problems and conflicts, licensing issues, issues with the image and hardware compatibility. Please note that this article deals only with actual errors during deployment and does not cover issues such as OS bootability post-deployment and other deployment problems.


    Follow these steps to troubleshoot Snap Deploy deployment failures:

    1. Get familiar with deployment basics in the About part.
    2. Check for known issues in the Known issues part.
    3. Follow to Troubleshooting part to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

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