46992: Acronis OS Selector: Troubleshooting Guide

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    Troubleshooting guide for issues with Acronis OS Selector

    This article applies to:

    • Acronis Disk Director
    • Acronis OS Selector


    This article will guide you through troubleshooting following possible issues with Acronis OS Selector:

    • Boot loaders conflict
    • CD/DVD detection issue
    • Keyboard/mouse detection issue
    • OS copy issue
    • OS selector Activation/Deactivation
    • OS does not boot after operations
    • Slow OS selector


    Follow these steps to troubleshoot issues with Acronis OS Selector:

    1. Get familiar with technology in the About part.
    2. Check for known issues in the Known issues part.
    3. Follow to Troubleshooting part to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

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