46956: Acronis Backup: troubleshooting backup or recovery from Command-line issues

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    Last update: 29-04-2021

    This article will help you to troubleshoot issues with backup via Command-line utility in Acronis Backup.


    You run a backup using Command-line utility, it fails with an error message.



    • Wrong syntax (e.g. arguments are missing)
    • Wrong data provided (wrong password, wrong location etc.) 
    • Issue in the product


    1. Make sure you use correct syntax. Check if the command you use has indispensable parameters and if you have provided them. Check if you have put those parameters in the correct order. See Command-line Reference for more details.
    2. Make sure you have provided correct data. For example: make sure you have selected the correct disk for backup or the correct source for recovery, have access to this disk, have provided a user who has access both to the backup/recovery source and the destination, and the correct password is provided.

    If the above solutions do not help or are not applicable, please collect the following information:

    and contact Acronis Support.