46942: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7: Troubleshooting Adding Machine to AMS Failures

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    Last update: 14-05-2021

    Follow these steps to troubleshoot issues while adding a machine to Acronis Management Server in Acronis Backup 11.5/11.7

    Acronis Management Server connects to the agent on port 9876 and tries to establish a trusted connection. Connection is required both from AMS to Agent and from Agent to AMS. So this means that the required port has to be opened and all Acronis Services have to have correct privileges.

    Known Issues

    Acronis Backup & Recovery: Bootable Agent (Media) Cannot Be Added to Acronis Management Server

    Acronis Backup Advanced: Connection Errors Out with "Failed to create the channel" or "SSL Connection Failed"


    Follow step-by-step instructions below to troubleshoot the issue. Complete prerequisites step before proceeding to error troubleshooting step.

    1. Prerequisites

    Complete all steps before proceeding to error troubleshooting step.

    1.1 Check connection

    Check connection using telnet between AMS and the agent and between agent and AMS on port 9876 or another port if specified in the error message. Use this article to do it. If it does not work – you are facing a connection problem. Please refer to Acronis Backup Advanced: Connection to Remote Components Fails.

    1.2 Check credentials

    Verify that correct credentials are used. The user to add machine has to be Administrator on the managed machine. On Linux machine it has to be root user or User from Acronis Trusted users.

    1.3 Try adding machine to AMS from the agent's side

    Follow this article Adding Machine to AMS when connected to agent

    1.4 If Adding to AMS hangs

    Treat the problem as Application lockup

    2. Error troubleshooting

    Complete all steps before proceeding to collect information step.

    2.1 "The machine has been already registered"


    There is some data about the machine in AMS's Database but the data is not consistent.


    1. Use AMS troubleshooting script. It will fix any orphaned machines that it can find.
    2. If that does not help use this article to change the Machine ID. The machine will come to AMS as a brand new machine. Make sure to recreate the backup plan for this machine because it will have a different ID.

    2.2 "The requested license holder cannot be found"


    On the affected system corresponding registry information in credential storage is broken.


    Please follow this article Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5: Connection to Agent Fails with "The requested license holder cannot be found"

    2.3 "Failed to migrate data to license server"


    There are several possible causes:

    • License Server is not accessible from the machine with Agent;
    • License that was used to install Agent is already used;
    • License Server associated with Acronis Management Server does not contain the same type of licenses as the original License Server which was used to install the Agent.


    Please follow this article Adding Machine to Management Server Fails with "Failed to migrate data to license server"

    If all steps above have been executed and issue still persists, go to collect information step

    3. Collect information

    Collect following information and contact Acronis Support:

    3.1 Process Monitor

    Reproduce the problem and collect Process Monitor log during adding to AMS failure from AMS machine.

    3.2 Wireshark log

    Reproduce the problem and collect Wireshark log during adding to AMS failure.

    3.3 Issue description

    Collect a screenshot of the error where the full error is seen.

    3.4 System Report

    Collect System Report from AMS machine and Agent Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Generating System Report