46941: Acronis Backup: Troubleshooting File Backup Failures

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    Last update: 29-04-2021


    Make sure that your problem appears during file-level backup only. This is the case if you also tried to run a Disk level backup

    • of the same source (e.g. backup of the whole C: drive)
    • to the same destination (e.g. to the same folder).
    • with the same backup settings (VSS, etc)

    and in the result the disk level backup worked. In this case check for known issues.

    If a disk-level backup also fails, you are facing a general issue, please check the More information section in this article.

    Please note:

    • A file-level backup can be slower than a disk-level backup. We still backup on block level but since we backup a particular file we assemble all parts of the file. So due to file fragmentation reading can be performed from different parts of the drive.
    • If file-level snapshot is turned off, the software will not be able to capture the folder state at a specific moment in time, but will lock files and backup them one by one. So if there is intensive changing in the backup source (new files are written and old files are deleted) during backup creation, you might get the backup bigger than the data size by the time the backup completes. Backing up without snapshot is not recommended.
    • File-level backup of network shares is always performed without snapshot.

    Known issues

    File-level backup will fail or give an interaction required message if you have selected Do not create a snapshot under File-level snapshot in the options of your backup plan and a file is locked. Enable Silent mode to skip error or enable File-level snapshot.

    It is not possible to backup system or Administrator's files if you run Acronis Backup from an unprivileged user. That is a product design for security reasons.

    If your are experiencing another issue, please collect the information listed below and contact Acronis Support.

    Collect information

    1. Process Monitor log - reproduce the problem and collect Process Monitor log
    2. System Report - collect System Report from the machine in question. See instructions:
      Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Generating System Report
      if this fails for any reason, you can use this AcronisInfo Utility.

    With information collected please contact Acronis Support.