46892: Acronis True Image: Applications don't work or files are damaged after recovery

Last update: 30-04-2021

Instructions on how to troubleshoot problems after recovery

Sometimes a recovery process seems to work without any visible problems, but the resulting files after recovery are not complete and/or are corrupted or an application does not work correctly in the restored system. This article will explain how to troubleshoot this issue. Follow these instructions if you have corrupted or otherwise unusable files/applications after recovery.


General recommendations

A common cause for any issues within recovered system is file security settings. The files being recovered can be inaccessible by some part of the recovery process. Please attempt the recovery with the file-level security setting disabled.

If it was not tried previously, always make sure that the recovery was tried from Acronis bootable media using the latest version. This will make sure we avoid possible conflicts with the installed operating system.

For best results, we recommend to reboot the machine before and after recovery, to avoid issues with files being locked/in use.

1. If the backup is stored on a network share/NAS, copy the backup to local disk and reattempt recovery. Incomplete restore may be caused by network interruptions

2. Make sure Acronis True Image is not blocked by security software: see Acronis Software: exclude program folders and executables from antivirus and other security programs. If possible, temporarily disable antivirus during recovery.

3. Before recovering, clean Windows temp folder: click Start or go to the Windows Search charm, type %temp%, and select the folder that appears. Delete files and folders inside that are not currently in use.

4. Make sure that the file system on the destination disk is healthy. Check the disk for errors using native chkdsk utility:

  • Go to the Command Line: Start -> in search, type cmd and press Enter.
  • Enter the following command: chkdsk <DISK>: /r

    where DISK is the drive you want to check, e.g. chkdsk D: /r

Application does not start after recovery

An application malfunction after recovery is usually caused by corruption of files used by this application. Please note that proper application recovery can only be done via entire disk/partition or entire PC restore. If you try to manually recover some damaged application files (e.g. dllexe) from a backup this may not be enough to restore the application to full working state. To function properly, programs have to be installed using the installation routine to write various configuration settings and to set up configuration files in proper places. We recommend to contact the malfunctioning application vendor to learn how to repair damaged application files.