46885: Acronis Snap Deploy: Troubleshooting Deployment Template Creation Issues

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    Last update: 27-11-2014

    This article is about troubleshooting template problems in Snap Deploy

    This article applies to:

    • Acronis Snap Deploy



    When creating a deployment template in Acronis Snap Deploy, you might be faced with a problem. Most of these problems come from limitations tied to the image creation process and licensing. Other issues will have to be escalated and looked at by our QA and development teams.


    Please go through the following list to make sure that this is a technical issue and not product limiation

    • Please make sure that the operating system inside the image used in the template is supported without limitations. This information can be found in the supported operating system list.
    • Images prepared using the Microsoft Sysprep utility are not compatible with certain components of Acronis Snap Deploy. This means a number of Snap Deploy deployment options are not available during template creation. For complete details on these limitations, please read this article.
    • Some options, including Universal Deploy, will not be available if the required license is not added to the Acronis License Server. Please make sure all the required licenses are added and available.
    • Similarly, Universal Deploy will not be available when using a trial version, as there is no trial Universal Deploy license.
    • If the image is stored on a network location, please make sure you enter a user that has full access to the location when prompted for credentials. Try to create a template with an image from a local disk.

    In all other cases, these issues should be looked at by our QA and development teams. Please collect the following information:

    • Clarify if this issue is reproduced for all images or some specific image(s);
    • Please collect a report using our AcronisInfo utility from the source system used for a problem image;
    • Collect system information from the Management Console as described in this guide;
    • Provide a step-by-step description of the steps necessary to reproduce the issue and screen-shots showing the problem

    and contact Acronis Support.