46780: Acronis Backup Advanced: Troubleshooting AMS Reporting Issues

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    Last update: 14-05-2021

    The Acronis Management Server keeps detailed information about each Agent and its status inside an MS SQL database. This allows us to provide detailed reporting functionality by running queries on the database. Instead of forcing you to formulate and run these queries manually, we have provided integrated GUI functionality to run these queries and receive results in an HTML format. If you are facing issues with this reporting functionality, please follow the troubleshooting guide below.

    For a brief description of this functionality and how to use it, please check out Web Help: Reporting.

    As you can see from the above information, problems with reporting functionality, such as incorrect data display, can be caused by one of three things.

    1. Wrong information in the database;
    2. Incorrect built-in queries;
    3. Incorrect parsing of results into HTML output.

    In all three cases, these issues should be investigated by our development team. Collect the following information and contact Acronis Support.

    • Please provide System Report from the Acronis Management Server: see Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Generating System Report, if this fails for any reason, you can use this AcronisInfo Utility. Double check to make sure that the SQL database has been included in the report above (evidenced by the presence of.bak files). If this is not the case, please backup the SQL database manually and provide the files along with the report above. This can be done by following the instructions in the Microsoft Technet article: Create a Full Database Backup
    • Please provide screen-shots of the exact report configuration you are running;
    • Please provide the resulting output file;
    • Clarify the exact problem in this output.