46615: mobilEcho: Copying Multiple Files with Clipboard

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Last update: 04-04-2016

In mobilEcho click "Edit" and select multiple files to copy/move

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  • mobilEcho


If you copy a single file, it is placed in the clipboard.

If you then copy another file the contents of the clipboard are replaced. The same thing would happen in Windows or other operating systems and is intended. Basically each copy operation replaces the contents of the clipboard.


To put multiple files on the clipboard you need to select them in advance.

To do so in mobilEcho you need to click the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen. Now you can select and copy/move multiple files.  For more information please vist the following link.  http://www.acronis.com/support/documentation/AAS5.0/index.html#26335.html

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