46515: Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced: Do Not Set "Eject Tape after Successful Backup" when Backing Up Multiple Machines

Do not use option "Eject tapes after successful backup" when backing up multiple machines, tape will be ejected after successful backup of the first machine.


  1. You create a centralized backup plan of multiple agents or virtual machines to tape.
  2. In the backup plan, you set the option "Eject tapes after successful backups".
  3. Tape is ejected after backup of the first machine in the plan.


This is expected behaviour in the current product configuration. Backup of the first machine in the plan was created successfully therefore the condition for tape eject was met.


Do not use this option when backing up multiple machines.

As workaround you can create two backup plans:
1st for all machines except for one with eject tape option disabled;
2nd for the last remaining machine with tape eject option enabled. Tape will be ejected after this backup.