46450: Acronis Snap Deploy: Troubleshooting Slow Master Image Creation

    Last update: 14-05-2021

    Follow this article to troubleshoot performance issues during master image creation.


    Do the following steps to define the root cause of performance issues:

    • Select a local folder as a master image location and observe transfer speed;
    • Open location used as a target for the image in Windows Explorer and copy any big file into it, observe the transfer speed;
    • If any antivirus software is installed on the source machine, stop the antivirus (this step is related to Online imaging only). Settings of the most common antiviruses are described in this article;
    • If Online imaging is slow, try to perform Offline imaging (using Bootable media).

    If all steps above have been executed and the root cause is still not clear, go to the collect information part.

    Collect information

    1. Results of steps performed in the troubleshooting part;
    2. Detailed information about the image location;
    3. Provide information about network interface controller (NIC), and number of NICs (how many NICs are used?);
    4. System Report from the source machine (Make sure that the disk report contains information about disks. If the disk report is empty, try to collect system report using Bootable media.);
    5. Screenshots of the steps (including imaging options) of the image creation.

    With information collected contact Acronis Support.