46410: Acronis Backup for VMware: Processes and Services

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Last update: 06-04-2016


Process names: WA / VA
agent.exe / N/A Core component used to coordinate interaction between Acronis components, allows connections from vmms.exe to local system services
vmms.exe / /bin/product Executes main operations: backup, restore, validation, etc
vmprotectservice.exe / /bin/demon Processes backup/replication tasks
wcs.exe / /bin/wcs Interaction between the web console and vmms.exe
lighttpd.exe / /bin/lighttpd Allows connections to the web console via browser
schedul2.exe / N/A Responsible for tasks execution on schedule
schedhlp.exe / N/A Monitors Schedule2 service and restarts it if needed
nfs_server.exe / /usr/bin/nfs_svc Provides NFS server used to mount VMs
portmap.exe / /usr/bin/portmap Provides coordination between RPC services and respective port numbers
mediabuilder.exe / N/A Builds Acronis Bootable Rescue Media

Windows services (if Windows Agent is installed):

Service name Purpose
Acronis vmProtect Managed Machine Service Executes main functionality
Acronis vmProtect Web Console Service Operations with the Web Console
Acronis Remote Agent Service Communication between vmProtect components
Acronis Scheduler2 Service Executing scheduled backups
Acronis LightTPD Connection to the Web Console via browser
Acronis NFS Server NFS server used for mounting VMs