46405: Acronis True Image: Restored Operating System Fails to Boot

    Last update: 28-10-2021

    In some cases, system can become unbootable after recovery operation. No BSOD, just a black screen with blinking cursor or a boot error is displayed. How to troubleshoot such issues and what information needs to be collected, described in this article.

    Known issues

    1. The restored HDD may become unbootable because of lack of drivers that can be necessary for the target hardware. The only way to resolve the issue is to use Acronis Universal Restore tool that is available to owners of Acronis True Image 2015 and later versions, and to Acronis True Image 2014 Premium users.

    2. Also, some problems with OS migration from an HDD to an SSD can take place. Please, refer to the User Guide for more information;

    3. If the system restarts automatically at startup, it looks like BSOD (See the article that related to OS Crashes). Try to disable the automatic restart by pressing the "F8" key before Windows starts. Advanced startup options will be available (for more information, see this article). Select "Disable automatic restart on system failure" option. And then you will be able to see the BSOD with error code.

    To troubleshoot the issue, go to the Troubleshooting part.


    • Make sure that the recovered bootable drive is the first in the hard disk order. To check it, boot the machine in BIOS, go to "Boot" tab, go to "Hard Disk Drives" and look at the hard disk order:
    • If the source machine used IDE mode, try to turn on the IDE mode on the target machine;
    • If the source machine used AHCI mode, try to turn on the AHCI mode on the target machine;
    • Make sure that the target disk has enough capacity for the system and applications that were installed on the source disk;
    • Try to recover the system using bootable media;
    • If the issue persists, try to fix system bootability following these instructions (related to Windows Vista and Windows 7)
    • To fix Windows XP bootability, perform the steps below:

    If nothing helps, go to Collect information part.

    Collect information

    1. System Report from source and target machines (Make sure that each disk report contains information about disks):
      Acronis True Image: Collecting System Report
      Acronis True Image 2016: Generating System Report
      Acronis True Image 2015: Generating System Report
      Acronis True Image 2014: Generating System Report
    2. Screenshot (photo) of the screen of the target machine;
    3. Collect the log of the recovery operation from within bootable media by clicking "Save all" button in the "Log" view:
    4. Provide exact description of the entire process: the environment under which the operation has been performed, is important.

    With information collected please contact Acronis Support.