46390: Acronis Cyber Backup: Troubleshooting Performance Issues

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    Last update: 18-11-2022

    This article looks at troubleshooting performance problems of the different sub-tasks and operations involved in running a backup plan: backup, replication, validation, recovery etc. 

    Performance depends on a lot of factors. For example, it could be hardware limitations that cannot be fixed without changing the hardware or the product under-performing due to conflicts with the system which have to be fixed by Acronis development. So it is important to make sure the performance bottleneck is understood exactly. This article aims to help you do just that. 

    In general, perfomance improvements are constantly being worked on and released, so updating to the latest build is always recommend for the best performance of backup and other operations. 

    If you are facing performance issues with deduplication, please check out the article specific to this problem 

    In order to rule out evident hardware limitations, do the following:

    • Make sure that the machines involved in the backup process meet minimum system requirements: see product documentation for Acronis Cyber Backup 11.7 and Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5;
    • If you are backing up multiple machines to a single location, the network bandwidth is shared between all Agents and this location. Please check if the backup speed corresponds to the maximum bandwidth divided by the number of simultaneous backups

    Otherwise, please check out the sections below, depending on what type of operation you are running. 

    • Troubleshooting operation performance related to running backup plans:  follow these instructions when a backup or related sub-task is causing performance issues. 
    • Troubleshooting performance for disk management operations:  if you are having issues with disk operations, please follow this article. 

    More information

    • In Acronis Cyber Backup 11.5/11.7 very large environments with a lot of backups have specific hardware requirements found in this article;
    • If you are facing performance issues with deduplication in Acronis Cyber Backup 11.5/11.7, please check out the article specific to this problem