46320: Acronis Backup for VMware: Troubleshooting Application Malfunction in Replica VM

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    This article describes how to troubleshoot issues related to Application malfunction in Replica VM while using Acronis Backup for VMware (Acronis vmProtect).

    This article applies to:

    • Acronis Backup for VMware (Acronis vmProtect) 9
    • vmProtect 8
    • vmProtect (earlier versions)


    The replication feature provides you with the ability to clone critical VMs and to be able to start this service fast in case of failure.


    Follow these steps to troubleshoot Application malfunction in Replica VM after the replication of VM:

    1. Get familiar with technology of VM replication in the About part.
    2. Check for known issues in the Known issues part.
    3. Follow to Troubleshooting part to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

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