46250: Acronis Linux-based Bootable Media: Troubleshooting USB HID Devices Detection Issues

    Last update: 31-05-2021

    In some rare cases there can be some issues with HID devices, e.g. you booted machine from Bootable Media and your USB mouse doesn't move or keyboard doesn't type or types wrong. Follow step-by-step instructions below to troubleshoot the issue.

    Troubleshooting steps

    1. Always use the latest build of the bootable media. It should contain more drivers and problem may be already solved.
    2. Try WinPE/WinRE bootable media: when creating WinPE/WinRE media make sure to add USB controller drivers.
    3. Use another type of HID device. Try to connect PS/2 or another USB keyboard mouse (this is required for problem localization).
    4. If you use wireless device, try using a wired one.
    5. Try disconnecting all other USB devices from the machine, e.g. printer, external speakers etc 
    6. When troubleshooting mouse detection issues, check driver state. Switch to shell (go to Actions -> start shell or hit Ctrl+Shift+F2 (Alt+F1 to return back to GUI)) and issue:
      # dmesg | grep hid
      Output should contain message about successful driver loading. If not, issue:
       #insmod usbhid

    Collect information

    1. Description of the performed troubleshooting steps and their results.
    2. System Report under the bootable media after you reproduce the issue (it will collect the necessary logs).
    3. System Report under the operating system if possible. Collect System Report from the machine in question: see instructions in the following articles

      If collecting system report from the product fails for any reason, you can use this AcronisInfo Utility