46225: Acronis SharePoint Explorer: Unable to Find SharePoint Data in Backup

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    Last update: 24-07-2017

    This article describes what to check first when unable to recover Site or Document using Acronis SharePoint Explorer

    Microsoft SharePoint uses Microsoft SQL server to keep its data in SQL databases, so access to SQL server is required.


    1. Try to browse SharePoint database that resides in archive using Acronis console. If database is not there, then check if archive was created using single-pass option. If database is there, perform the following step.
    2. Mount SharePoint database into SQL using Acronis console (See Web Help: Mounting SQL Server databases from a single-pass backup). If mount is not successfull, check SQL logs for possible reason (e.g. authentication error). If mount was successfull, collect the information listed below and contact Acronis Support.
    3. If nothing of the above helped, proceed to collecting info step and contact Acronis Support.

    Collecting information

    In case none of the above steps resolved the issue, collect the following information and contact Acronis Support:

    1. Logs of server where console is installed. (C:\ProgramData\Acronis\ASPDE\Logs)
    2. Error message
    3. Collect System Report from the machine in question: see instruction for Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Generating System Report, if this fails for any reason, you can use this AcronisInfo Utility
    4. PCAP log if archive or SQL database reside on remote machine, see Collecting PCAP Logs