45921: Mobile Access: First Run

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Last update: 18-03-2014

Configuring Acronis Access on the first run

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Access


Once the application has started and you have successfully logged in, you will have to choose your product. Choose activEcho and follow the steps below.



To start a trial:

  1. Select Start Trial and press Continue.
  2. To license your Access Server:
  3. Select Enter license keys.
  4. Enter your activEcho license key and press Save.

General Settings

  1. Enter a Server Name.
  2. Specify the root DNS name or IP address where users can access the website (starting with http:// or https://).
  3. Specify the DNS name or IP address to which the mobile users will enroll to.
  4. Select a Color Scheme. Current options are Gray, Purple, Cappucino, Blue, Dark Blue and Orange.
  5. Select the default language for the website. The current options are English, German, French and Japanese.
  6. Press Save.


Note: You can skip this section, and configure SMTP later.

  1. Enter the DNS name or IP address of your SMTP server
  2. Enter the SMTP port of your server.
  3. If you do not use certificates for your SMTP server, unmark Use secure connection?.
  4. Enter the name which will appear in the "From" line in emails sent by the server.
  5. Enter the address which will send the emails sent by the server.
  6. If you use username/password authentication for your SMTP server, mark Use SMTP authentication? and enter your credentials.
  7. Press Send Test Email to send a test email to the email address you set on Step 5.
  8. Press Save.


Note: You can skip this section, and configure LDAP later.

  1. Mark Enable LDAP.
  2. Enter the DNS name or IP address of your LDAP server.
  3. Enter the port of your LDAP server.
  4. If you use a certificate for connections with your LDAP server, mark Use Secure LDAP Connection.
  5. Enter your LDAP credentials, with the domain. (e.g. acronis\hristo).
  6. Enter your LDAP search base.
  7. Enter the desired domain(s) for LDAP authentication.
  8. Press Save.

Local Gateway Server

Note: If you're installing both a Gateway Server and the Acronis Access Server on the same machine, the Gateway Server will automatically be detected and administered by the Acronis Access Server. You will be prompted to set the DNS name or IP address on which the Local Gateway Server will be reachable by clients. You can change this address later on.

  1. Set a DNS name or IP address for the local Gateway Server.
  2. Press Save.

File Repository

  1. Select a file store type. Use Filesystem for a file store on your computers or Amazon S3 for a file store in the cloud.
  2. Enter the DNS name or IP address for the file repository service.
  3. Select an encryption level. Choose between None, AES-128 and AES-256.
  4. Select the minimum free space available before your server sends you a warning.
  5. Press Save.

More information

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