45886: Hybrid drives are not supported in Acronis bootable environment

Last update: 20-08-2020

Acronis Bootable Media does not support hybrid drives


If you have a hybrid drive installed on your system, you may experience one of the following issues when using Acronis software:

  • Unable to select internal drive when booted in Acronis Bootable Media.
  • Two disks are shown instead of one when booted in Acronis Bootable Media. One of them has the same size as your drive (for example, 932 GB for 1 TB drives or 466 GB for 500 GB drives), the other one is much smaller (e.g. 30 GB) or is shown as "Unsupported".
  • Recovery or disk cloning job, started from Acronis software running in Windows, asks for a reboot and then finishes with an error.
  • Files, recovered in bootable media environment, do not appear in Windows later.


Hybrid drives are not supported by Acronis bootable media.

Recovery and disk cloning tasks started from within Windows, that require reboot, will use the same rescue media environment as bootable CD/DVD/pendrive and finish with an error.

When doing file recovery under bootable media, hybrid disk`s cache is not updated properly. This makes recovered files not visible under Windows.


There is no solution available at the moment.

More information

Support for hybrid drives will be implemented in the future versions of Acronis software.