45851: Acronis File Access Products: setting access client to use a different language than the operating system

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Operating Systems: 

In case you want your Windows Acronis Files Advanced client to be in a different language than the operating system, follow these steps to force the client to use another language.

  1. Stop the Acronis Files Advanced client.
  2. Open the Registry Editor. To do so, open Run and type in regedit.exe.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Group Logic, Inc.\activEcho Client
  4. Create a new string value named Locale and set its value to the desired locale code. e.g.,  en_us, de_de, fr_fr, ja_jp.utf-8ru_ru.utf-8, pl_pl, zh_cn.utf-8, zh_tw.utf-8, ko_ko.utf-8
  5. Close the Registry Editor and start the Acronis Files Advanced Desktop client.