45831: Acronis Software: Unbootable System after Cloning Operation

    Last update: 09-08-2021

    In some cases, system can become unbootable after cloning operation. How to troubleshoot such issues and what information needs to be collected, described in this article.


    Follow step-by-step instructions below to troubleshoot the issue.

    The cloned HDD may become unbootable because of the lack of drivers that can be necessary for the target system. In such a case, try to back up the source HDD and restore it to the target HDD using Acronis Universal Restore.
    If you clone a disk with Windows to an external USB hard drive, you will not be able to boot from it. Windows cannot boot from an external USB.
    • If the source machine used IDE mode, try to turn on the IDE mode on the target machine;
    • If the source machine used AHCI mode, try to turn on the AHCI mode on the target machine;
    • Try to perform cloning using Bootable media;
    • If the issue persists, try to fix system bootability following these instructions
    • If nothing helps, go to Collect information part;

    Collect information

    The following information has to be collected for further investigation of the issue:

    1. System Report from source and target machines (Make sure that each disk report contains information about disks):
      Acronis True Image: Collecting System Report
      Acronis True Image 2016: Generating System Report
      Acronis True Image 2015: Generating System Report
      Acronis True Image 2014: Generating System Report
    2. Photo of the boot error;
    3. Collect the log of the cloning operation from within Bootable Media: open the Log view, right-click on the necessary log and select Save all. (in older versions, "Save all" button can be found in the upper menu)
    4. Provide the exact description of the entire process: the environment under which the operation has been performed is important.