44344: Acronis True Image 2014 Premium

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Acronis True Image 2014 Premium is an ultimate version of Acronis True Image 2014

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  • Acronis True Image 2014


In addition to the features of Acronis True Image 2014, the Premium version provides:

  • Support of dynamic disks - Operations with dynamic disks expand the range of hard drive configurations supported by Acronis True Image 2014. Dynamic disks offer greater flexibility for volume management and may provide benefits in computers with more than one hard drive.
  • Acronis Universal Restore - This tool lets you restore an image of a Windows operating system to a different hardware environment. You can restore information on independent computers regardless of the hardware used on the independent computer. This may come in handy, for example, after replacing a damaged motherboard or when deciding to migrate your system from a desktop to a laptop.
  • Acronis WinPE ISO builder - This program adds Acronis True Image 2014 plug-in to WinPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) distributions based on any of the following kernels: WinPE 1.5, 2.x, 3.0, 4.0. To be able to create or modify PE 2.x and 3.0 images, you must have Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) installed. To create PE 4.0, you should install Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). Running Acronis True Image 2014 in the preinstallation environment may provide better compatibility with your computer’s hardware because the preinstallation environment uses Windows drivers. See Acronis True Image 2014 Premium: Creating WinPE Media with Acronis Plug-In.

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