44333: Acronis Backup: Shutdown Post-Backup Command Prevents Other Tasks in Plan from Executing

Last update: 30-03-2016

Expected behaviour in currect product architecture. Schedule backups on system shutdown.


  1. In your backup plan you specify the shutdown command shutdown /s in post-backup commands.
  2. You add other tasks to your plan like backup replication, retention rules, sending e-mail notifications etc.
  3. Machine is turned off after backup, none of the subsequent operations is executed.
  4. Backup plan finishes successfully.


This is expected behaviour in current product architecture, see Web Help: Sequence of operations in a backup plan. Post-backup commands are executed after backup before other tasks.


Enable "Wait for task completion" in the Additional settings of the Machine options (on the Agent machine go to Options -> Machine options -> Additional Settings -> enable "Wait for task completion" in "Specify what to do if the machine is about to be shut down while a task is running section").

You can also schedule backup on system shutdown.

More information

See also Web Help: Scheduling backups.