44227: Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud: Enabling Backup for an Organization

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Last update: 07-04-2016

How to enable backup for an organization

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud


Specifying public URL

If the public URL is not specified, the users will not be able to log in to the backup service by using the login page address that you provide.

By default, Agent for vCloud uses its IP address to construct the login page addresses. For example, if the IP address is, after backup is enabled for an organization named MyOrganization, the address under Login page in the organization details will be displayed as:

Go to Settings -> Public URL, specify how the URL of the backup service appears on the public side of a firewall, load balancer, NAT/reverse proxy, and other network components that you may have in front of your infrastructure.

For example: https://www.backup.example.com/

After the public URL is specified, the address under Login page in the organization details area will be displayed as follows: https://www.backup.example.com/org/MyOrganization


  1. Log in to the service.
  2. Click the Organizations tab.

    A list of organizations registered in vCloud Director is shown.

  3. Select the organization to enable backup for.
  4. Click Configure.

  5. Select the Enable backup for an organization check box.
  6. On the Backup storage tab, do the following:
    • In Backup storage, specify the path to the shared folder allocated for storing organization's backups. If authentication is required to access the folder, specify the credentials of a user account that has read/write permissions for this folder.

      It is strongly recommended that each organization has a separate backup storage. You can allow multiple organizations to share a common backup storage, but in this case every organization administrator will be able to see, delete and even perform recovery from other organization's backups.

    • [Optional] Specify the quota for the organization.

      If the quota is exceeded, the system administrators and the organization users see alerts in the backup service interface. Restrictions on using the backup service are not applied unless a system administrator does this manually.

  7. [Optional] On the System backup plans tab, specify which of the system backup plans will be available in the organization. By default, all of the system backup plans will be available.
  8. [Optional] On the User privileges tab, specify the actions that the organization users will be allowed to perform. By default, the following actions are available to the users:
    • Apply and revoke backup plans
    • Create, edit, and delete backup plans
    • Perform backup on demand ('Back up now')
    • Recover virtual machines

    Regardless of your selection, system administrators are allowed to perform all of these actions within the organization.

    If you clear the Log in to the backup service check box, only system administrators will be able to use the backup service for this organization.

  9. Confirm the changes.

Depending on your decision on Step 8, the backup service becomes available for either system administrators only, or for both system and organization administrators.

If the backup service is available for organization administrators:

  1. Inform the organization administrator about the address of the login page for the organization. You can see this address under Login page in the organization details area.
  2. Inform the organization administrator about the Help link and User's Guide.

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