44181: Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud: Installing and configuring RabbitMQ Server

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Last update: 07-04-2016

Agent for vCloud obtains events from vCloud Director via a RabbitMQ AMQP broker

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  • Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud


Agent for vCloud obtains events from vCloud Director via a RabbitMQ AMQP broker.

If your vCloud Director already uses a RabbitMQ AMQP broker, make sure that the exchange type is set to topic.

If RabbitMQ AMQP broker is already installed, but not used by vCloud Director, skip to Step 5.


  1. Download RabbitMQ Server from http://www.rabbitmq.com/download.html.
  2. If you want to install RabbitMQ Server on a machine running Windows, download and run Erlang Windows Binary File, which is available at http://www.erlang.org/download.html.
  3. Follow the RabbitMQ installation instructions to install RabbitMQ on any convenient host. The host must have network access to vCloud Director.
  4. The RabbitMQ management plug-in is required so that you can configure RabbitMQ Server. Do one of the following, depending on the operating system of the RabbitMQ host:


    rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
    rabbitmqctl stop
    rabbitmqctl start


    • Go to Start -> All programs -> RabbitMQ Server -> RabbitMQ Command Prompt.
    • Run the following command: rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
    • Run Start -> All programs -> RabbitMQ Server -> RabbitMQ Service - stop.
    • Run Start -> All programs -> RabbitMQ Server -> RabbitMQ Service - start.
  5. Open a Web browser and go to the RabbitMQ Web UI located at: http://<server name>:15672/. Here, <server name> is the address of the RabbitMQ host.
  6. Provide the credentials of a RabbitMQ user. The default credentials are:
    • User name: guest
    • Password: guest
  7. Click Exchanges.
  8. Under Add a new exchange:
    • In Name, specify a name for a new exchange that will be used by Agent for vCloud. For example, specify vcdExchange.
    • In Type, select topic.
    • Leave the default values for all other settings.
    • Click Add exchange.
  9. Log in as an administrator to vCloud Director.
  10. Click Administration.
  11. Under System settings, click Extensibility.
  12. Under Notifications, select the Enable notifications check box.
  13. Under AMQP Broker Settings:
    • In AMQP Host, specify the name or IP address of the RabbitMQ host.
    • In AMQP Port, type 5672.
    • In Exchange, specify the name of the new exchange that you created on Step 9.
    • In vHost, type /.
    • In Prefix, type vcd.
    • In User Name, type guest.
    • In Password, type guest.
  14. Click Apply.

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