4326: Acronis Snap Deploy 3: Limitations on Deploying a System Prepared with Sysprep

Acronis Snap Deploy cannot generate SIDs, DNS or computer names, domain or workgroup memberships, or apply Acronis Universal Deploy to a system prepared with sysprep

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Images prepared with sysprep can only be deployed "as is". No automatic modification of the deployed system is supported.


There are two components of Acronis Snap Deploy 3 that can modify the deployed system - OS Patcher and Acronis Universal Deploy.

OS Patcher is a utility of Acronis Snap Deploy that automatically starts on the first boot of the deployed system:

OS Patcher is responsible for the following operations:

  • Generation of a DNS name for the deployed system;
  • Generation of a unique security identified (SID) for the deployed system;
  • Generation of domain or workgroup membership for the deployed system;
  • Configuration of network settings for the deployed system;
  • Generation of user accounts on the deployed system;
  • Transfer of files to the deployed systems;
  • Execution of applications on the deployed system.

OS Patcher does not support master OS images of Windows systems prepared with sysprep.

Acronis Universal Deploy automatically installs drivers compatible with the hardware of the deployed system.

Acronis Universal Deploy does not support master OS images of Windows systems prepared with sysprep.

Thus, Acronis Snap Deploy 3 can only deploy images of Windows systems prepared with sysprep "as is". Such images cannot be automatically modified by Acronis Snap Deploy 3.

More information

See also Microsoft TechNet Article on Sysprep.

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