42279: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7/11.5 for Exchange: Backup or Recovery Operations Contain the "An e-mail will be skipped during backup" Message

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The emails in an invalid format cannot be accessed by a MAPI application


  1. You are performing a database level backup (with the email level metadata) or a mailbox level backup or recovery operation;
  2. The operation completes successfully but contains messages about skipped emails:

    An e-mail will be skipped during backup


The skipped emails are in an invalid format and cannot be correctly shown/accessed by a MAPI application (including Microsoft Outlook).


E-mail is invalid so we have skip it "An e-mail will be skipped during backup...". Database itself is valid. It just contains invalid object. 
This is normal behavior.

You can identify and check the emails by looking the product messages in the log:

An e-mail will be skipped during backup. The e-mail was sent from '<from>' to '<to>' with subject '<subject>' on '<date>'. Mailbox: '<mailbox name>'; Path: '<path>'.



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