42137: Acronis vmProtect: "File Recovery" Non-Windows Compliant Filenames Support

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Using the "File Recovery" feature and browsing a folder which contains files with non-Windows compliant symbols in their names such as " * : < > ? \ / | results in an empty list; extraction of these files into .zip archive leads to inability to open such .zip archive

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 6
  • Acronis vmProtect 7
  • Acronis vmProtect 8
  • Acronis vmProtect 9


  1. You create a backup of some virtual machine (VM) which contains files with non-Windows compliant filenames (which contain " * : < > ? \ / | symbols). An example is Linux VM.
  2. You run the File Recovery feature and extract these files as .zip archive;
  3. Open the extracted .zip via some .zip archiver;
  4. These files cannot be extracted from .zip archive neither from Windows nor from Linux OS.


Acronis vmProtect generates .zip archives using Windows-based libraries which do not support " * : < > ? \ / | symbols in filenames.


An alternative to the File Recovery method is Run VM from Backup functionality which allows you to "mount" a VM and copy files from it. Note that this method is the best one for recovery of large amounts of files from a backup archive.

More information

This issue will be fixed in future versions of Acronis vmProtect where selection of Windows or Linux-based modules will be made automatically depending on the type of the OS inside the archive which you run File Recovery from.

See also Acronis vmProtect: "File Recovery" Unicode Filenames Support.