42075: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Command 'Cataloging Data' Has Failed

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Last update: 04-09-2019

Command 'Cataloging Data' has failed. Cataloging fails with "An error has occurred in SQLite while using database file"


After a successful backup, the update of the catalog fails with this error:

Command 'Cataloging data' has failed.
Additional info:
Error code: 61
Module: 309
LineInfo: 4a8728dc8a1c950f
Fields: $module : service_process_vs_37613
Message: Command 'Cataloging data' has failed.
Error code: 1
Module: 388
LineInfo: 31f47c49ad4b4ed1
Fields: $module : gtob_indexer_commands_addon_vs_37613
Message: An error has occurred in SQLite while using database file 'F:\Backups\Catalog\07369CCC-E434-46D0-B909-82C6F664964D\7E11FDC7-F647-441D-94F4-C2DAEFEC392D'. Code: '10'.


A previously created catalog is corrupted. As a result the creation of a new slice of the catalog fails.
Usually this is a symptom of a hardware problem. We strongly recommend to check the storage where the catalog resides.


The workaround for this issue is to delete the older catalog file (catalog.db) from the backup folder and to create a fresh catalog by clicking Catalog now in the vault (in product GUI). In this case the product will not find any database file to modify the information and will recreate the complete catalog file.

(!) It is recommended that there is no other activity in Acronis Backup 11.5 running at the time when the catalog is recreated.