41537: Acronis Backup Software: Backup of Disk Containing VHD File from Which Machine Is Currently Booted Fails with 'The Specified Volume Is Nested Too Deeply to Participate in the VSS Operation'

Last update: 29-04-2021

To solve the issue, exclude the disk that contains the VHD file


  1. You have a VHD file that contains an operating system and is booted from it;
  2. The VHD file is located on the physical drive that is the host operating system;
  3. You attempt to run a backup that contains the VHD drive and the physical drive of the host.
  4. This fails with this error:

The specified volume is nested too deeply to participate in the VSS operation


Backup of a disk containing VHD file from which a computer is currently booted is not possible.


Exclude the disk that contains the VHD file from which the computer is currently booted.