41537: Acronis Backup Software: Backup of Disk Containing VHD File from Which Machine Is Currently Booted Fails with 'The Specified Volume Is Nested Too Deeply to Participate in the VSS Operation'

To solve the issue, exclude the disk that contains the VHD file


  1. You have a VHD file that contains an operating system and is booted from it;
  2. The VHD file is located on the physical drive that is the host operating system;
  3. You attempt to run a backup that contains the VHD drive and the physical drive of the host.
  4. This fails with this error:

The specified volume is nested too deeply to participate in the VSS operation


Backup of a disk containing VHD file from which a computer is currently booted is not possible.


Exclude the disk that contains the VHD file from which the computer is currently booted.