41474: Acronis vmProtect: "File Recovery" Unicode Filenames Support

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Last update: 16-04-2013

Using the "File Recovery" feature and opening the extracted .zip archive via default Windows ZIP results in incorrectly shown files whose names contain Unicode (or double-byte) characters. Opening the same .zip archive with any other ZIP software (like 7-Zip) works properly

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect


  1. You create a backup of some virtual machine (VM) which contains files with Unicode filenames (an example is a Japanese Windows OS)'
  2. You run the File Recovery feature and extract these Unicode files as .zip archive;
  3. Open the extracted .zip via Windows ZIP;
  4. The filenames inside the .zip archive are corrupted as shown on the following screenshot:


Acronis vmProtect stores the filenames inside the extracted .zip archive in UTF-8 encoding which properly supports Unicode characters. The issue is that the default Windows ZIP does not support UTF-8 encoding. At the same time any other ZIP archiver, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip can open such .zip archives properly as they do support UTF-8.

The exception from this rule is the Japanese version of Acronis vmProtect, where the filenames are stored in native Japanese CP932 format and thus opening .zip archives works properly even with the default Windows ZIP. However, these .zip archives can be only opened properly when Windows locale (Current language for non-Unicode programs) is set to Japanese. Using other Windows locales will result in incorrect filenames shown inside the same .zip.


Use 7-Zip or any other alternative ZIP archivers which support UTF-8 encoding (this encoding is a common one and is applicable to any language).

More information

An alternative to the File Recovery method is using the Run VM from Backup functionality to "mount" a VM and copy files from it. This method is the best for recovery of large amounts of files from a backup.