41152: Acronis Backup Software: backup fails with "Failed to read the snapshot"

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You attempt to perform a disk or partition backup that fails with the following error:

Failed to read the snapshot.

Additional info:
Error code: 50266
Module: 16
LineInfo: 14181c22ef45add5
Fields: $module : disk_bundle_vs_32308
Message: Failed to read the snapshot.
Error code: 9
Module: 0
LineInfo: 2aacb7b2ab852ac
code : 87, $module : disk_bundle_vs_32308
Message: Unknown status.
Error code: 65520
Module: 0
LineInfo: bd28fdbd64edb8e0
Fields: code : 2147942487, $module : disk_bundle_vs_32308
Message: The parameter is incorrect
Event code: 0x0010C45A+0x00000009+0x00000057+0x0000FFF0+0x80070057


The most common reason is a physical error on the hard drive that you attempt to back up.


To solve this issue, check if the related drives shows drive errors.

  1. Download and run the Acronis Report tool. See Acronis Disk Report;
  2. Check if there are errors shown in the generated report.txt

    The C column stands for Full partition check status:

    C - means there are no errors
    E - means, there is an error found
    W - means a warning

  3. If there is an E or a W, then it is recommended to check the partition for errors and repair:
    1. Make sure that you have a healthy backup of the machine. If not, create one using Acronis Bootable Media.
    2. Go to command prompt (Start -> run -> cmd) and enter following command:

      chkdsk DISK: /r

      where DISK is the partition letter you need to check. Please note, that checking the C: drive may require you to reboot the machine.

If the issue persist, please create a system report (see Acronis Backup Cloud / Acronis Backup Service: Collecting System Report, Acronis Backup 12: Collecting System Information, Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Generating System Report) of the affected machine and contact Acronis Customer Central with a reference to this article. 



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