40845: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Backup on Windows XP Fails with Error 'Failed to Create Volume Snapshot' If MS SQL Server is Installed

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Last update: 29-04-2021

Backup on Windows XP fails with error "Failed to create volume snapshot" if MS SQL Server is installed.


  1. You have installed Acronis software on a Windows XP System;
  2. On this system MS SQL Server is installed and running;

    (!) MS SQL Express 2008 is automatically installed along the installation of Acronis Management Server component.

  3. You run a disk or volume backup with the default settings:
    1. Use VSS option = enabled (default backup option value);
    2. Software-System provider or Software-Select automatically selected (default backup option value);
    3. Enable VSS Full Backup is disabled (default backup option value);
  4. This backup fails with:

    Failed to create volume snapshot.


By default the product uses COPY method of VSS snapshotting. However, Microsoft 'SqlServerWriter' VSS Writer doesn't support VSS COPY method on Windows XP - and thus VSS snapshot can't be created successfully in this OS. The workaround is to switch to VSS Full backup option (see below) which will switch the VSS snapshot method to FULL - and it is supported properly by SqlServerWriter in Windows XP.


To work around this issue, please enable the VSS Full backup option.

Navigate to the backup plan options or to the default backup options -> Volume Shadow Copy Service and enable the VSS Full backup option. See Enabling VSS Full backup in user guide.

More information

(!) Ifthe issue happens NOT on Windows XP, or the above workaround implemented on Windows XP machine doesn't help - then there must be some other Microsoft VSS corruption (e.g. another component of Microsoft VSS subsystem malfunctions). You'll need to investigate this VSS issue separately, e.g. as described in Acronis Backup: VSS Troubleshooting Guide