40394: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5 for Exchange: Granular Recovery of Mailboxes Fails with 'Internal MAPI-Error. HRESULT: -2147221241'

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Download and install the fix


  1. You start granular recovery of an Information Store backup;
  2. The operation fails with the error:

    Error code: 215 Module: 91 LineInfo: 9874f8b1dd61d9a Fields: $module : arx_agent_vs_32308 Message: A MAPI internal error. HRESULT:-2147221241.
    Error code: 65520 Module: 0 LineInfo: bd28fdbd64edb8e0 Fields: code : 2147746055, $module : arx_agent_vs_32308 Message: Unspecified Win32 error
    Error code: 255 Module: 91 LineInfo: 9874f8b1dd61d9a Fields: $module : arx_agent_vs_32308 Message: Component 'Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store' has returned the following error: 'The client operation failed.'.


This is a known issue in the product.


The issue already fixed in 37687 build or newer.

As a workaround for old builds, please replace the ArxDbBackupProvider64.exe module on your computer with the fix: arxdbbackupprovider64.

Please contact Acronis Customer Central if there are any questions regarding the use or the fix file does not resolve it.