40235: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5 and Acronis Backup & Recovery 11: vCenter Intergrations Fails with Error "Specified entry already exists"

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Last update: 31-03-2016

Edit the registry to fix the issue


  1. You use Acronis Management Server with enabled vCenter integration;
  2. When you disable the integration, you cannot enable it again;
  3. Acronis Management Server displays the following error:

    Failed to enable VMware vCenter integration.
    Code: 14,712,835(0xE08003)
    LineInfo: 0xA20120E20D7DA083;

    Module: virtual_center_addon_vs
    Message: Failed to register VMware vCenter that resides on 'vcenter01'.

    Code: 16,285,701(0xF88005)
    LineInfo: 0x88F44F36DA889D54;

    Module: management_server_vs
    Message: Failed to store object access information.

    Code: 16,285,697(0xF88001)
    LineInfo: 0x88F44F36DA889D35;

    Module: management_server_vs
    Message: Specified entry already exists: category 2, acronis\administrator@vcenter01.


Old vCenter credentials are not correctly deleted from Acronis Management Server.


  1. Stop the Acronis Management Server Service (Start-Run -> services.msc);
  2. Run regedit
  3. Select the HKEY_USERS sub-tree;
  4. Invoke Edit -> Find from menu and specify the following search string Acronis_AMS_ESX. As a result, you should find one or more keys in …/Software/Acronis/CredStorage/.
  5. Delete these key(s) (it is recommended to just rename them);
  6. Start Acronis Management Server Service.
  7. Try enabling the vCenter integration again.

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If the issue persists, please do the following: